1. What is CSF of Bedford Dollars for Scholars?

We are an all-volunteer community organization which provides scholarships to a large and diverse range of deserving high school graduates who plan to continue their education.  We are the local chapter of Dollars for Scholars®, a national program sponsored by Scholarship America®.  Active since 1965, the Bedford, MA Chapter has awarded over $3.3 million in scholarship awards to more than 3,500 students. By keeping administrative costs low, 98% of all donations are awarded as student scholarships.

2. Who may apply for CSF Scholarships?

Any senior graduating from Bedford High School or any Bedford or Hanscom Air Force Base resident graduating from another secondary school, completing home-schooling, or completing GED requirements may apply, provided the student will be attending a four-year college, two-year college, or technical or vocational school.

3. What are the sources of funds for CSF of Bedford Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Awards?

A major source of funding is the annual mail-a-thon fund drive organized by Dollars for Scholars and prepared by student volunteers.  Local merchants, industries, and professionals also donate directly to the Chapter's annual awards pool.  A significant source of funds is the growing number of permanent and local scholarships that have been established by Bedford High School class reunions as well as other scholarships which honor, or are in memory of, an individual or family. Money is also raised through a variety of other community activities, such as Bedford Day and Trivia Night fundraisers. 

4. Who decides on CSF of Bedford Dollars for Scholars Scholarship recipients?

A broad-based selections committee of chapter members, including local citizens, teachers, and past and present board members meets in the spring to review scholarship applications.

5. What criteria are used for selection?

The selections committee follows the guidelines of the national organization and any specific scholarship requirements. Awards are granted based on merit, with the amount determined by need. Our objective is to increase opportunities for students who may otherwise have difficulty paying for higher education to achieve their goals.

6. Does "merit" mean only top-ranked students need apply?

We seek to provide financial aid to as large and diverse a range of deserving students as possible. "Merit" can include: academic, artistic, athletic, civic, interpersonal and community achievements.