We are pleased to share the sincere gratitude expressed by several of our recent scholarship recipients:


Thank you so much for your generous support! This scholarship helps lessen a little bit of stress about the upcoming school year. As college tuition continues to rise more and more, any and all help is much appreciated. My plan in college is to major in engineering at Purdue University, although I am not sure yet which type of engineering specifically that I want to pursue. I hope that I can make you proud of me and once again thank you so very much for your support, it means the world to me. Sincerely, DC

Thank you so much for sponsoring my scholarship! I'm sad not to have met you in person, but I'm so grateful for your helping me on my college journey. I hope that I've showed promise as a scholarship recipient, and I aim to deliver and succeed in the world. I am very excited to be attending Brandeis University this fall, where I'll be majoring in chemistry and political science. Thank you for your help, and thank you for believing in me! Best, JB

I am writing to thank you for your generous Dollars for Scholars scholarship. I was happy and appreciative to learn that I was selected as the recipient of your scholarship. This fall I plan to attend UMass-Amherst with a major in kinesiology. Someday I hope to become a physical therapist and help those who are physically struggling. This scholarship means a lot to me as I have volunteered for the CSF Phone-a-thon for the last 2 years. I really enjoyed the experience I had and hope to do more volunteer work in college. Thanks again! AT

Thank you so much for awarding me a Dollars for Scholars scholarship. I will be attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the fall to major in chemical engineering, and I'm grateful to receive this scholarship that will help me towards my educational journey!  Sincerely, BT

Thank you so much for sponsoring me, it means so much to me! Thanks to your generosity, I will be heading to Brandeis in the fall, and although nothing is set in stone, I'm interested in the study of Neuroscience so I greatly appreciate you supporting me in my studies. Thank you again, IH-A

Thank you very much for awarding me the Dollars for Scholars scholarship!! I am so extremely grateful for your help and constant support to me as well as countless other graduates. I will be attending the University of Connecticut this fall to study biological sciences in the pre-med track. Again, thank you so much for all the support Dollars for Scholars provides!! Sincerely, MR, BHS Class of 2021

I want to thank you for your efforts to raise and distribute immense donations to graduating students in Bedford. Your work, as you know, helps students immensely with the financial burden of college and I am incredibly thankful myself. Thank you! All the best, RD

Thank you so much for awarding me with the Bedford Dollars for Scholars scholarship. I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am. I plan to attend the University of California at Davis and study psychology in the fall. I appreciate your support, it means so much to my family and I. Thank you again, SL

It is an honor to be chosen for the Dollars for Scholars scholarship for the Fall 2021 semester. As you know, I just graduated from Bedford High School, and I will be attending Northeastern University, majoring in computer science and mathematics. I am so excited to become a Husky, and I know Northeastern is the perfect place for me. The computer science clubs like The Computer Science Mentoring Organization (CoSMO) and Code4Community will help me become a part of the computer science community. Most of all, I am excited about the co-ops and obtaining work experience while I am learning. I am so grateful for the scholarship support. This scholarship enables me to work fewer hours and concentrate on my studies. Thank you so much for your assistance. Sincerely, LM, Class of 2021

Thank you so much for your generosity. It is an honor to be chosen for the Dollars for Scholars scholarship. I plan to spend the next year abroad in Luxembourg. While there I hope to improve my French, before studying at McGill [University] the following year. At McGill, I will be a Biochemistry major. I hope to utilize this education by contributing to the future of medicine however I can.  I am truly grateful for the scholarship.  It lessens much of the stress of attending college and helps me achieve my goals. Thank you again for your support. Sincerely, CL

Thank you very much for the Dollars for Scholars scholarship. I'm so grateful for your generosity. As you know, I will be attending JMU in the fall and this will certainly help me attain my goals. Thank you! LS

Thank you so much for the generous scholarship and well wishes. It will really help me achieve my academic goals. I also enjoyed volunteering for the phone-a-thon over the years. Best, AD

I would like to say thank you very much for rewarding me with the Dollars for Scholars scholarship. This is very helpful towards paying off tuition and I will make sure to prove I deserve this money. I will be attending UMass Amherst to study Mathematics and Statistics. Sincerely, DG

Thank you for choosing me as a recipient of a Dollars for Scholars scholarship. I am very excited to begin studying and working towards a Political Science degree later this August, and I am honored that you helped to sponsor this goal. Sincerely, AE

Thank you very much for awarding me the CSF of Bedford Dollars for Scholars scholarship! I am excited to attend Keene State this fall and really appreciate your generosity in choosing me. Have a great summer! Thank you, SF

Few words cannot express my feeling about this support and help. I am immensely thankful to you for giving me this chance! Thank you, LM, Class of '21

I wanted to reach out to thank you for awarding me the Dollars for Scholars scholarship! I'm very grateful for your generosity and all your efforts to help me and other students in the Bedford community. I'm looking forward to putting this award toward my education at Wesleyan University, where I'll be studying biology.

Thank you again…Best, KF